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SurfLink Phone Features and Options

 SurfLink Phone service includes a rich set of features and options.  Please refer to the information below.

Dialing Codes -

*67 - Dial *67 before your outbound call to block your caller ID to the party you are calling.

*69 - Calls back the last person that called you.

*72 - Enable or Update Call Forwarding.

*73 - Disable Call Forwarding.

*77 - Enable Anonymous Call Rejection

*82 - Unblocks caller ID before your next call.

*88 - Disable Anonymous Call Rejection

*273# - Reads back your phone number.

Special Service Numbers -

511 - Transportation and traffic information is also free of charge, provided by SF Bay Area 511.

711 - TTY Relay Service

811 - Call Before you Dig hotline. See call811.com for details. If you're trenching or doing escavating anywhere around your property call 811 FIRST.

911 - Emergency Services

933# - Plays address information provided to 911 Emergency Services.(So, when you call 911 they see the correct location).

Three-Way Calling

    • Connect with the first party.
    • Press the "Flash" (or "Link" button) or briefly hold down the on-hook switch.
    • Wait for the dial tone.
    • Dial the second number.
    • When the second party answers, flash again to reconnect the first party.
    • If the second part does not answer or you reach a busy signal, pressing flash will disconnect the second party and return you to the first call.
    • When you are ready to disconnect the second party, simply hit flash again or hang-up to disconnect both calls.

Call Forwarding

    • Dial *72 to enable or update Call Forwarding.  If you would like to have Call Forwarding permanently enabled please contact our staff.
    • Dial *73 to disable Call Forwarding.

Note: A maximum or two calls can be forwarded at any given time.

 Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR)

When Anonymous Call Rejection is enabled any incoming call without a valid Caller-ID is automatically blocked.  Dial *77 to enable ACR and *88 to disable it.



System Status

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