Email Support

Below are the recommended settings for E-mail configure with Secure SSL enabled.  If you need help configuring your e-mail program you can download step-by-step instructions for your device at


E-mail Configuration Settings

Use the following settings to configure your E-mail client.

Incoming Server:

Server Type: POP3 or IMAP

Server Name:

Login Name: <your FULL email address>

SSL Enabled: Yes

Server Port: 995 (POP3)   /   993 (IMAP)

Outgoing Server:

Server Type: SMTP

Server Name:

Authentication: Yes

SSL Enabled: Yes

Server Port: 465

E-mail FAQ

  • I need help configuring my e-mail program, phone or tablet.
    Go to to find step-by-step configuration instrucions for your device.  If need further assistance give our support team a call at 712-5900.
  • I have the server listed as "", is that wrong?
    This server name will work fine as long as you have SSL turned off. If you want to use Secure SSL (recommended) please use the settings listed on this page.
  • What is the different between POP and IMAP?
    A POP mail client downloads all of the mail and stores it locally. IMAP mail clients keep all of the messages on the server.
  • Do you have Webmail?
    You bet! Our webmail interface is located at:

System Status

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