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Special Announcement - Coastside.Net is now part of Cruzio!

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We are pleased to announce our latest service, Surflink, which provides Internet service and telephone service all wrapped up in one great affordable package.  Surflink offers unlimited phone service and download speeds of up to 20Mbps.  Blazing fast Internet and unlimited phone from a local provider you can trust - all starting at $44.95.

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speeds up to

20 mbps

Who We Are

Coastside.net is proud to be an integral part of the Coastside community, providing residents with great service, leading technology and a viable choice when it comes to Internet service.

Coastside.net provides Internet access to the City of Half Moon Bay, the Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce, and many Coastside businesses, as well as to hundreds of private households.

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System Status

01-19-22 10:26 AM: All systems online!

System Status

01-19-22 10:26 AM: All systems online!

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