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Special Announcement - Coastside.Net is now part of Cruzio!

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We are pleased to announce our latest service, Surflink, which provides Internet service and telephone service all wrapped up in one great affordable package.  Surflink offers unlimited phone service and download speeds of up to 20Mbps.  Blazing fast Internet and unlimited phone from a local provider you can trust - all starting at $44.95.

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speeds up to

20 mbps

Who We Are

Coastside.net is proud to be an integral part of the Coastside community, providing residents with great service, leading technology and a viable choice when it comes to Internet service.

Coastside.net provides Internet access to the City of Half Moon Bay, the Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce, and many Coastside businesses, as well as to hundreds of private households.

Our History

Coastside Net, Inc. was originally created in December 1994 as CoastNet. CoastNet's purpose was to act as a technical support forum for the San Mateo coastside community.

When the Internet revolution began, CoastNet quickly stepped to the forefront of this new technology and became a full-service Internet Service Provider (ISP). CoastNet became Coastside.net Internet Services and began providing the community with Internet access in 1995 and incorporated in 1997.

Meet the Team

Rob Genovesi: Owner
Rob has been part of Coastside.Net for over 16 years and wears many hats during the day.  His primary role is company operations and system administration.  rob@coastside.net

Steve Dennis: Senior Technician
Whether out in the field doing installations or on the phone helping customers, Steve is an enthusiastic and friendly person. We appreciate his unique mix of technical and people skills.  steve@coastside.net

Technology Partners

Terry Plank: SEO specialist
Everybody with a website wants to be found, and Terry can make it happen! www.semconsultation.com

Alifano Technologies: Computer Sales, Tech Support Partner
Alifano Technologies is our retail source for all things computer. Mike and Co. are not only a Technology Partner, they recently became a neighbor of Coastside.Net when they opened their store front at 225 Main Street in Half Moon Bay. www.alifano.com


System Status

01-19-22 10:26 AM: All systems online!

System Status

01-19-22 10:26 AM: All systems online!

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